Septic Tank Emptying

You MUST use a licensed Waste Disposal Company to empty a Septic Tank/Cess Pool or Sewage Treatment plant.

BG Pearce Ltd provides the following services: –

  • Septic Tank, Cess Pool, Fat trap, Grease trap and treatment plant emptying
  • Tractor and tanker used to enable field access, if applicable
  • All types of septic tank /pipe repairs undertaken
  • Complete new tank installations
  • Reminder service every 12 months in line with recommendations – to prevent costly damage and unexpected problems
  • Records kept on computer database for life
  • Waste transfer note always provided

Please do not hesitate to contact us for our competitive prices.

You need to check access is ok for a Tractor and tanker, (it needs to be wide enough for a vehicle 8 foot 6 (2.5 metres wide.) If a milk lorry goes past then we should be able to as well.

The maximum length of pipe we carry is 50 metres. We can get more if needed but there will be an additional charge.