Farm Plastic Recycling

It is now illegal to burn plastic etc and it is therefore necessary to have processes in place to dispose of this in a responsible way.

If you give waste from your business to someone else – including waste destined for landfill, you have a legal responsibility to ensure they are authorised to take it and that it’s accompanied by a ‘transfer note’. A transfer note is a written description that enables those handling the waste to do so safely and to treat it appropriately. This is known as your duty of care.

We collect/accept wrap, sheet, fertiliser/dumpy bags, netting and string, chemical containers/drums (triple washed), tyres and metal. All we ask is that the plastic is kept separated into its different types. For example, netting and string kept separate to wrap and so on. Whilst we can take it mixed, we have to charge a bit extra due to it needing separating at our yard ready for recycling – if it’s sorted and in dumpy bags it’s a lot easier for us as well as yourself.

We have a bespoke 8 wheeler with a HIAB grab which weighs the plastic on site and we can then provide you with a ticket on collection.

  • All plastic baled and recycled and NOT send to landfill
  • Collection: Plastic is collected with a lorry and HIAB and weighed at point of collection with a Waste Transfer ticket issued immediately
  • Delivery: Plastic weighed whilst you are on site using our public weighbridge
  • Waste transfer note (Duty of care) always provided
  • All records kept on our computer database for life

For any enquiries regarding material not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.