Farm Plastic Recycling

Burning plastic and similar materials is currently prohibited by law, highlighting the need for established procedures for responsible disposal.

As a responsible business owner, it is crucial to understand your legal obligations when it comes to disposing of waste. If you decide to pass on any waste from your business, whether it is intended for landfill or not, it is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient is authorized to accept it. BG Pearce are registered waste carriers and receivers so that you can be assured that you are disposing of your waste in the correct way and that you will receive a waste transfer note.

At our facility, we are able to gather and receive various types of materials, such as wrap, sheet, fertiliser/dumpy bags, netting and string, chemical containers/drums (after undergoing a thorough triple washing process), tyres, and metal. We kindly request that the plastic materials are sorted and kept separate based on their specific types. For instance, netting and string should be separated from wrap, and so forth. While we do accept mixed plastic, please note that an additional fee will be charged as the sorting process is required at our location before recycling. To ensure a smoother experience for both parties involved, it is highly beneficial if the plastic is pre-sorted and placed in dumpy bags.

Our company, BG Pearce LTD, offers a specialized 8-wheeler vehicle equipped with a HIAB grab, which allows us to accurately measure the weight of plastic materials on-site. Once collected, we will provide you with a waste transfer note as proof of collection. Rest assured, we prioritize recycling and take active steps to ensure that no plastic is sent to landfill.

  • All plastic is baled and recycled here at BG Pearce LTD and NOT sent to landfill
  • Collection: Plastic is collected with a lorry and HIAB and weighed at point of collection with a Waste Transfer ticket issued immediately
  • Delivery: Plastic weighed whilst you are on site using our public weighbridge
  • Waste transfer note (Duty of care) always provided
  • All records kept on our computer database for up to 7 years

This allows us to ensure transparency and accountability in our operations.

For any enquiries regarding material not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.